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This is the order page, where I sell my wares. Keep in mind I’m mostly a one man show and though I run a tight ship sometime things break.

Virtual Machines

  • KVM
  • Samsung SSD Raid 1 Array
  • Dallas, TX (Carrier 1 1515 Round Table)
  • Private network (vm to vm communication) available upon request
  • Full featured control panel
  • 1 Public IP Included (additional IP is extra)
  • Add slower but cheap HDD space for extra storage!
  • Risk Free Trial! Receive a full refund if you cancel within the first 20 days.

Available Plans

Plan vCPUs Memory Disk Transfer 6 months Yearly
4GB 2 4GB 40GB 2TB $54 $105.60
6GB 2 6GB 50GB 3TB $66 $129.60
8GB 4 8GB 60GB 4TB $84 $165.00
16GB 8 16GB 100GB 8TB $180 $357.60

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  • Data Transfer is calculated month-to-month. Above plans “Transfer” is equivelent to your monthly alottment of bandwidth.
    • VM’s that exceed their monthly transfer are automatically suspended. You can purchase more bandwidth if needed for a single month.
  • Each vCPU is reserved a minimum of 25% of the processing power of a physical CPU core on the host machine. By deafult you can “burst” above 25%. Customers that use excessive CPU may be capped at 25% maximum usage
  • You may cancel and receive a pro-rated refund part way through your term, a fee may apply see below.
  • A 12% refund fee is charged if you request a refund with more than 1 month left in your term
  • New customers will have the 12% refund fee waived if they cancel by day 20 of their service.
  • Jeer’s VM Emporium is not liable for data loss from its VM Service, or its backup service. You are responsible for keeping backup copies of important data!
Game Servers

Jeer hasn’t gotten around to automating game server setup just yet. You can contact Jeer on discord for a quote. jeeringsole#9231