Who's Jeer?

Hi I’m Jeer, or Jeeringsole. I like to build web infrastructure, and most importantly learn more about it.

I had a growing number of projects that exceeded the space and capacity of my humble homelab. So I setup a few servers, shipped em' off to Dallas, TX and now I have more hosting capacity then I’ll ever need. Not really trying to make money off this service, just want to keep things self-sustainable.

I’m a systems engineer during the day and sometimes during the night, anyone who works near the IT department knows this. I specailize in Linux, Virtualization, AWS SysOps, and Cisco/Palo Alto/HPE/Brocade networking.

Past Projects

  • evlgaming.com - Game Server / VPS Hosting Company - 2011 - 2018
  • evl.gg eSports - Webhosting - eCommerce platform 2014-2017
  • EVLTV - eSports broadcasting orginization - Production and Web design 2014-2017

Current Projects

  • Jeer’s VM Emporium - This place :)
  • Unanounced Minecraft Server
  • evl.gg - Discord Gaming Community